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aqua + battle moves

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~ ºoº Disney Verse/KH Verse ( Part I ) ºoº ~

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This is a battle song.

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Jack Frost + Strong hair game

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stand upright by da_yama on Flickr.

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I've been looking for you.

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Trying on clothes is really hard when you hate yourself. Liking someone is really hard when you hate yourself. Eating is really hard when you hate yourself. Life is really hard when you hate yourself.

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Gavin in the new Minecraft Let’s Play (x)

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"Know your place";

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lemonadestuck whispered:
You art always cheer me up ^^


thanks ;-; im flattered it can

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"I’m not going to do the ice bucket challenge, I’m very sorry. It’s not going to make a difference if I do it or not. Everyone knows about the ice bucket challenge by this point. So instead I wanted to do what, it seems like a lot of people who do the ice bucket challenge don’t do, which is: talk about ALS, explain what ALS is."

he’s also going to donate $1,000

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  • me:*finishes video game*
  • me:*reevaluates life*
  • me:*listens to video game ost 362743 times*
  • me:*cries for eternity*

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Welcome!! For the most part there's mainly Kingdom Hearts, Tokyo Ghoul, Free! and Achievement Hunter here. However other video games and random posts also appear simply because it makes me happy! Feel free to message me to chat anytime! Take a look around and I hope you enjoy your stay!~

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